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All of our catering ingredients are sourced and purchased locally whenever possible, (please contact us for details) and all foods are freshly prepared on the premises or in our outside kitchens. Our seasonal approach to food will ensure you are getting the tastiest ingredients around.

We also offer Traditional and Contemporary tailor made catering menu’s to suit any taste and budget.

Organic catering menus are available for those wishing to be environmentally friendly, as well as healthy eating options, as we are advocates in the North for Healthy Catering Commitment.

Venue is not an issue at Purple Chilli Events Catering, we are able to set up our Kitchens almost anywhere to provide our extensive and exciting Menus.


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Warning: Although the food in the menu’s looks and sounds irresistible, the menus themselves area none edible. Call us if you need help fighting the urges and we will gladly cook for you.